The SIM DRAIN unites the characteristics of a silicone drain with a fibrin and coagulate absorbing system.

Where to use the system:

  • Mastectomy CH 15/24
  • Cholecystectomy CH 24/29
  • Pancreatectomy CH 24/29
  • Aorta aneurism CH 21/24
  • Hemicolectomy CH 21/24
  • Abdominal surgery CH 21/24
  • Thyroid surgery CH 15
  • Bladder surgery CH 24/29
  • Renal surgery CH 24/29
  • Hernia surgery CH 24/29
  • Maxilo-facial surgery CH 15

Can be connected to virtually all aspiration systems, without counter-indications.

  1. High draining capacity supplied by the high capillarity of the silk cord.
  2. Opportunity to re-open the drain using the self-cleaning (“Re-opening”) system.
  3. Maximum non-traumatic drainage holes.

For further information, please see Sim T-Drain and Sim Duodenal Drain.

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