The SAFETY COUNT SYSTEM sharps counting and disposal system guarantees the safe elimination of scalpel blades and suture needles used in the operating room.


Used sharps of all kinds can be counted and disposed of without the risk of contamination. The Safety Count System is safe, simple and economic.

  • different models allow maximum user choice
  • the exclusive bilateral blade detachment system
  • is efficient on a large variety of scalpel blades
  • incorporates a resistant safety closure which protects against accidental opening (which can however be opened if necessary using the¬†scalpel handle)
  • strong, yellow, plastic "anti-puncture" container
  • sterile, blister packaged
  • conveniently packaged 18 pcs./dispenser box
  • sterilized by gamma rays.

Check out also our New Safety Count System Maxi Box.

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