• This extremely low pressure drainage system is based on the physical principle of air removal from the circuit and the consequent activation of extremely low aspiration. This function is achieved using a bulb pump with a non-return valve which is applied on the high efficiency anti-bacteria filter and allows removal of air from the circuit with a few rapid actions. Following this function, the bulb pump may be removed and the filter sealed with the included Luer plug. The maximum pressure that the bulb exercises is 140 mmHg, with the average working pressure of 70mmHg. The SIM BULB is supplied in each box or in non-sterile single packaging.
  • The 500ml. drainage bag with non-return valve was designed to reduce the risk of occlusion at the tube entrance.
  • Included are 3 connectors of different sizes.
  • Sterilised by gamma rays.
  • Latex Free device.
  • Single packaged in double sterile packaging.

500 ml. bag: made of PVC.

Bulb and connector: made of PVC.

Y-connector: made of SMMA.

Hydrophobic filter: made of PVC.

Connectors: PVC/Styrolux.

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